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The secret to creating a successful business

Hi Beautiful !

This morning, we were speaking on Instagram with one of you about getting motivated to start your own business.

Sometimes you just can't feel the energy to start or to believe in yourself. Or you feel like this will be a boring journey.


Step 1 : Getting motivated

The secret to overcome your lack of motivation instantly, is to start watching YouTube videos of women who started their own business and became successful. 

Learn from people who really made it, not motivational videos where people are yelling at you

Type :

  • "I started my brand and this happened"
  • "How I manifested my dream car"
  • "How I became a millionaire before 30"
  • etc

They all started from nothing, just like you. This type of video will make you realize that everything is possible, if you work for it.

It will make you super motivated. And also, it's super cool to learn from YouTube videos right ? Another "hack" about this.

Remember that you are a mix of the five closest persons around you.

Guess what : it works with YouTube ! Watch videos from people that you want to look like, and you will eventually become like them.


Step 2 : The secret to a successful business

Always remember that a successful business, is just a reflection of you showing to the world something you love.

It's you showing to everyone how your product is AWESOME. How it can change people's life / how it can help people feeling better.

Make people feel the love you have for it, and we can promise you that you will become successful at it.

For example, if you are selling lipsticks, show how much you love them yourself ! How it can match your outfits, how it lasts when you go in the restaurant. You need to love it yourself, to be able to sell it to anyone.


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