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This toxic person inside your head

Hey Beautiful, 

Feeling depressed or sad, happens to everyone, you are completely normal. You are a human being, just like all of us. You don't know why you came on Earth. Some days are good, some days are bad, and when it happens, you just need a little reminder to put you back on tracks.


Why you are actually feeling bad

Some might say that there are billions reasons for that. It's not true. There is just one single reason for you feeling this way :

it's because you are not alone in your head.

Yes. You have maybe never realized it before, but there is a little version of you, right in your head. Like a little demon on your shoulder.

This girl, she's always scared. She's always thinking what other people are gonna say. She grew up with you, but she was built by the society and what other people told you when you were young.

Now she is always in your head. And if you never realized that she exists, we bet that she controls your life.

When you want to say something, she's the one telling you "oh maybe you shouldn't because people don't care what you think".

When you want to speak to that guy, she's the one telling you "he will never be interested in you".

When you want to pass this job interview, she's the one telling you "you are not worth this job, they will notice it"


When you want to BE HAPPY, she's the one telling you :

"you are 30 and you still didn't buy a house ! "

"you are 30 and you still don't have kids ! "

"if he goes to this party, he will find better girls than you and cheat on you !"

"you have a great diploma, and yet you earn less than your brother without any degree "

"look, you are watching Netflix when you could be at the gym"

"look, you are taking a desert but your legs are full of fat ! "


Why are you listening to her ?

Now you know WHY you feel bad, and that's because you have a toxic friend inside yourself : AND YOU LISTEN TO HER.

Look on this meme, it's Marge toxic friend speaking, not her.


You don't wake up wishing to feel bad, right ? When you wake up, you want your day to be wonderful. But then, this toxic girl inside of you wakes up. And you do the biggest mistake by listening to her.

But what you need to understand, is that it's YOUR choice to listen to her. Now you know she exists, so you can't pretend you don't know anymore.


What is the solution ?

It's easier than you think.

I bet that you started this article thinking "okay they will tell me to buy one of their necklaces, listen to happy music and say in the mirror "i am happy" 😂 

Nope. Wrong place babe. Here we REALLY want to make you happy. Not to copy paste some Google articles to feed our website.

So back to the solution now.

The secret to happiness, is to stop listening to her. It's AS easy as that. AS SOON AS you hear something NEGATIVE in your head : stop your friend.


Tell her that you are okay, that you don't need her stupid comments about anything. Then Breathe.

You are already trying your best. No one asked you to be perfect. Everyone just wants to see you happy. Enjoy your time. You never know when this trip on Earth will end. So just enjoy the journey babe !


There is a fake belief in our society

There is this fake, outdated belief in our society : "people who think the most, are the smartest ones" 

When in fact, they are the most stressed and depressed ones. Overthinking is the number 1 human disease. You should never be proud for "thinking too much". 

In fact, you should stop this toxic girl in your head, and start to enjoy your life, everything you have. You will soon notice that your beautiful smile can attract and create so much more positive things in your life, than overthinking and listening to this toxic friend you have inside yourself.

It's time to let her go.


TheCrystalBabes 💜🌙 


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