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Zoom The Love Magnet (UPGRADED)
Zoom The Love Magnet (UPGRADED)

The Love Magnet (UPGRADED)

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This new edition released on January 25th now includes a Carnelian.

Most successful and beautiful women have trouble finding and keeping a man, but some women have plenty of choices when it comes to men. In general, what makes men attracted to a particular type of woman? What is so special about these women, that makes EVERY man obsessed with them? 

You would be surprise to discover that the secret is already within yourself. You just need a little booster and daily reminder to unlock this power permanently.

Time to become this Woman!

Your Bundle includes : 

  • 1 x The Magnetic Necklace (Rose Quartz)
  • 1 x The Bad B*tch Wand (Carnelian) 

How does it work?

Be ready to become UNFORGETTABLE💖

Carnelian is a GAME CHANGER for your love life. It attracts EVERYONE and works like a love magnet. You will notice people looking at you more often, complimenting you and men being attracted to you.

In order to become as attractive as ****, the secret is to combine it with Rose Quartz to develop your SELF LOVE. Take time to love yourself. If you don't love yourself, no one on this planet can feel attracted to you.

If you don't BELIEVE that you are beautiful, that you are a LOVE MAGNET, no one on Earth can make you believe that you are. Even if your BFF tells you 30 times that you are beautiful, you won't believe her if you don't feel it deep inside yourself.

And here is the key : men are attracted to women who SHINE. Once a man will see that you love yourself, he will start to think "wow, I feel so good around her, we laugh, she must have such good qualities to be so confident and be really worth it!"

You will feel more loved, and you will attract love, instead of pushing it away. Remember : you always get what you give to the world. This is a must have if your are dating. Be ready to become FATAL.

How to use

Place The Bad B*tch Wand (Carnelian) on your nightstand near your bed. This will work as a background magic work.

Each morning, hold your Bad B*tch Wand in your dominant hand. Breathe in and out deeply. Affirm out loud, “I choose love.” Say this affirmation as many times as you need to, until your heart and your head feel that these words are true.

Wear The Magnetic necklace everyday. During 5 days of the week, focus on accepting other's love into your life. Feel the love of your loved ones, your family, your friends, but also dare to look at men in their eyes and smile. You will notice how often they actually look at you.

During the day, hold your pendant whenever you want to attract someone's love.

During 2 other days of the week (non consecutive), wear your Magnetic necklace and focus ONLY on your self love. Take care of your body, go swimming, try new hairstyle, go shopping and try something new. This is really important to find a balance with your love energy, and your targuet's love energy.

The Love Magnet (UPGRADED)

$119.00 Regular price $139.00



All our necklaces and rings are made out of genuine crystals. They are certified by a Gem Testing Center. The only stone that is man-made is Opalite.

As all our stones are natural, the color of your stone may vary a little bit from the picture, depending where your pendant was cut in the stone.


All chains are stainless steel and won't turn your neck green, our rings are 925 Sterling Silver and won't turn your fingers green either.

All our Elixirs and sprays are HANDMADE in the US 🇺🇸

We only have limited stock on them, so don't miss out if you see the one you want still in stock 😘


Remove your necklace before taking a shower, doing sport or putting perfume, to protect its shine. You are good to go now !

Please also note that the stones are protected by a wax, to keep its shine forever 💜 

For Elixirs: keep your elixirs in your bag and carry them everywhere with you 😘

Program your crystal

✨ All our crystals work with intentions.

It's really important that you follow the instructions in the guide you will receive in your package 💜

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