The Love Bird

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Exclusive edition TheCrystalBabes x DanielVenturini. Handmade in Brazil.  Limited Edition.
This sparrow is crafted from Rose Quartz for the body part.
The base is a raw Amethyst.
The beak is made from Agate.
The eyes are made with Garnet.
The Black bottom is Dolomite, and the legs of the sparrow are metal gold plated.
THE LOVE BIRD is not only an exclusive eye catcher for your interior, this is the beginning of a journey, a journey of love. This bird is a new chapter in your love life, it will stay forever with you, reminding you to put yourself first, to be authentic. You don't need to pretend to be someone else in order to receive love. Be truly yourself, show the world who is the REAL YOU. Self love in the key to attract unconditional love from others.
Each crystal has a different power ✨
  • Rose Quartz develops your self love and attracts unconditional love
  • The giant Amethyst connects you to the divine, and brings peace into your life. Amethyst is a must-have for people who tend to be overthinking
  • Agate helps you overcome traumas and unleashes The Superwoman within you
  • Tiger Eye brings protection and wealth
  • Garnet connects you to your passion. It's a must-have for entrepreneurs
    DETAILS: 14 cm height x 12 cm width. Weight 0,7kg.

    📦  Note : This masterpiece is shipped from Dallas, Texas in a separate wood box with a really strong protection inside. This art piece is well protected in the box. You will just have to unpack it and place the bird on top of the Amethyst base, in the corresponding holes. We stay available for any questions you may have upon delivery, and after. 

    We will insure the delivery at our own expense. If you don't receive the package, we will ship you another one or refund you.