The Peaceful Ring

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Crystal: Amethyst
Color: 14K Gold Plated

CRYSTAL: Amethyst
POWER OF THE PEACEFUL RING : Intuition, Stress relief & Guidance.
  • Amethyst stops the negative voice in your head that brings you negative thoughts and energies.
  • This is a MUST-HAVE to develop your intuition. Amethyst develops your intuition about love, work and relationships to know what's the best to do in each situation
  • When you take things too emotionally, you tend to destroy it : be it your relationships or your work. Thanks to this ring, you will see things from a quiet state of mind, and will be more calm, almost like if you already knew that things were gonna be alright.
  • Touch your crystal when you feel like stressed. Breathe, close your eyes, and remember that life is more magical than you know.

    DETAILS: Adjustable 925 Sterling Silver Ring  (+ 0.5 micron 14K Gold Plating for the gold Edition) + 3 zircons. Engraved "THE CRYSTAL BABES" inside.

    📦  Note : Ready for a gift : This ring comes in the cutest ring box. All orders come with a guide explaining the power of each stone, and how to program your crystals.