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Our brand has been created in 2018 with one goal: bring magic to your life.

All our necklaces or elixirs are made with genuine crystals sourced from all over the world. When we write Lapis Lazuli or carnelian, we ACTUALLY sell Lapis lazuli or carnelian. Not another crystal looking the same, not plastic, not resin. 

We created our brand to make crystals available to EVERYONE ❤️

You don't need to be an expert, to know about chakras or anything like that to use crystals. We describe each crystal the best as possible.

You will receive a guide inside your package to let you know everything and how to program your necklace by setting an intention to it.

Crystals come straight from mother earth. Each crystal has a different energy that will impact your body and mind in a different way. When you will switch from one necklace to another one, you'll see the difference it has on your day 💜 

How does it work?

Each morning when you wake up, wear a different necklace depending on what power you need to the most for the day 🌻

Ask yourself: today do I want to be like a Bad B? A Superwoman? to be Lucky? to unleash my professional skills? 🔥

Enhance the effects by wearing an Elixir. You can apply more whenever you need during the day.


What about our customer service? 

We  believe to have one of the best customer service.

Crystals is a world with unfortunately a LOT of scams, people selling fake crystals, selling you one crystal as another type.

That's why we decided to be the COMPLETE OPPOSITE:

When you purchase from us, you are 100% sure that you get the exact crystal you bought
We offer free USPS Shipping in 2-4 days from Dallas (Texas)

We offer free exchanges

If any of your items comes broken or missing, or has a quality issue we send you a new one for free or refund you (you just need to send us a picture over email)

If you are unhappy, you can return your package to get a refund

We are really nice and always sharing good vibes, don't hesitate to reach out to us on Instagram or TikTok 🍀💕

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