Get Your Ex Back

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Jewelry color: 18K Gold Plated Stainless

💔 Missing your ex or the love of your Significant Other and longing for their love? We've got the ultimate bundle to help you reignite that spark and make them regret ever letting you go. Our carefully curated bundle is designed to increase your value and make you irresistible. It works with exes, but also if you are in a relationship and feel distant from your partner.

🌟 The Bundle includes:

  • 1 x The Magnetic Necklace (Rose Quartz)
  • 1 x The Bad B*tch Wand (Carnelian)
  • 1 x The Lucky Necklace (Green Aventurine)

💖 How it Works: We've heard countless success stories from clients and TikTok users who have experienced the magnetic power of carnelian. This crystal is an attraction powerhouse, drawing people towards you wherever you go. But in your case, you don't just want anyone's love. You want the unconditional love of your ex, and that's where Rose Quartz comes in.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate crystal for attracting love. It not only helps you draw in your ex's love (even if they don't know why), but it also cultivates self-love within you. The secret to getting your ex back lies in learning to love yourself without them, and Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal for that journey.

Have you ever noticed how women tend to become more attractive and alluring after a breakup? It's because they take time to focus on themselves and shine from within. While men may initially feel relieved after a breakup, they soon realize the emptiness and loneliness that follows. That's when they start to regret their decision and long for what they once had.

Now is your time to shine! Work on yourself with the power of crystals, especially Rose Quartz, to rediscover self-love and inner radiance. Step out with confidence, spend time with friends, get that new haircut or tattoo you've always wanted, and post your amazing adventures on social media. As you embrace your newfound self-worth and attract positive energy, you'll become a magnet for attention and opportunities.

But what if your ex still hasn't come around? Chances are your vibrations are still low, and you're stuck in a cycle of regret and longing. Begging and trying to convince them won't change their mind—it's time to focus on yourself and increase your own value.

💫 How to Use the Bundle: Place The Bad B*tch Wand on your nightstand as a symbol of your transformation. This powerful crystal will not only boost your self-love but also attract your ex's love back into your life. Follow the programming tutorial in the guide you'll receive to set your intentions. Each morning, hold your Carnelian, close your eyes, and feel its love energy flowing through your body.

Wear The Magnetic Necklace (Rose Quartz) for at least three days a week, focusing on attracting your ex's love. On two other days, wear The Lucky Necklace (Green Aventurine) to invite luck and positive opportunities into your life. Say YES to every opportunity that comes your way.

On the remaining two days of the week, wear The Magnetic Necklace and dedicate them to self-love. Take care of your body, engage in physical activities, try new hairstyles, and pamper yourself. Embrace the beauty and power within you.

Unlock the magic of this bundle and reclaim the love you deserve. Don't waste any more time longing for your ex—make them realize what they're missing and come running back to you. Your journey starts now! ✨🔮💖