The Goddess Ring

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Crystal: Moonstone
Color: 14K Gold Plated

CRYSTAL: Moonstone
  • The ring is adjustable & won't turn your finger green EVER.
  • This ring looks magical 😍 Moonstone turns blue under the sun ✨
  • Moonstone reveals The Goddess within yourself. This crystal is known to reconnect you to your feminine energy
  • You act and feel like a Goddess: you are peaceful and confident because you trust the Universe.
  • Moonstone is also a must-have to develop your intuition and get rid of negative energies, especially coming from toxic people that might be surrounding you.

    DETAILS: Adjustable 925 Sterling Silver Ring  (+ 0.5 micron 14K Gold Plating for the gold Edition) + 3 zircons. Engraved "THE CRYSTAL BABES" inside.

    📦  Note : Ready for a gift : This ring comes in the cutest ring box. All orders come with a guide explaining the power of each stone, and how to program your crystals.