The Sun

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Material: 18K Gold Plated

☀️🌟 The Sun card represents pure joy, positivity, and boundless optimism. It's a symbol of radiance that lights up your life with clarity, luck, inspiration, and renewal.

Wearing "The Sun" necklace is like carrying a piece of eternal sunshine with you. It's not just a necklace; it's a radiant reminder of the abundant happiness and positivity that await you in every step of your journey.

Embrace its illuminating energy to navigate your path toward personal growth and fulfillment. Let "The Sun" light up your way to a brighter and more joyful tomorrow.


DETAILS: Only available in gold. The tarot card is made with zircons and a ocean blue acrylic panel that is hand painted and 100% hypoallergenic. The chain is made with 18inch stainless steel chain with 2inch extender. It's fully stainless and waterproof.

💜  Ready for a gift : This necklace comes in a wonderful rose gold and velvet box.